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Mom and Dad were excited that I was coming back to Tennessee to see them once again and I was just happy to get out of New York for the weekend and of course see the ‘rents again and the great family farm.As much as I loved the drive, I was a bit pressed for time so I had figured that if I took the bus I would have a better chance at getting there on time.I saw the very back seat was not taken and I was determined to score it with my ‘rican in tow and he was very willing to follow. I looked up into the aisle and the large woman was charging closer and closer like a determined rhinoceros.I stashed my bag up top and ducked into the window seat but my new friend took the seat in front of me and nestled into the seat. ” I asked him fearing someone else would try to sit next to me. “I like to take window.” He said smiling back at me and then turning to peer out into the depot. He started to get up and I moved out of my seating area and into the aisle then reached around his back and pushed him into my seating area and into the back seat while he thanked me over and over.

He backed up and I turned around and smiled as he turned loose of my shoulders.

“It’s a little crowded on this bus.” I got a quick whiff of his cologne which had quite an affect on my demeanor considering he would not back himself off of me.

I could feel his half hardened cock in the palm of my hand and wondered if he got that from checking out my thong protruding from the top of my sweats or maybe it was the Celtic tramp stamp he could see peeking out from under my sweater.

The lane began to clear and I started to quickly move to the back but the old man in front of me stopped short and I did as well.

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I quickly put my hand behind me knowing full well the young ‘Rican behind me would not stop until he bumped into me and I was not going to give him the chance to mesh his crotch into my ass and I had certainly called that one as he nearly knocked me over when he made contact.“I so sorry, so sorry.” He consistently repeated as he grabbed my shoulders and held me as if to keep me from falling but kept his crotch tight against me.

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